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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

July 11, 2022

We don’t know about you, but we can smell the fresh paint, new cabinet doors, and wooden floors when we think about a new kitchen remodeling project. There are so many pictures and videos of beautiful kitchens that whenever we see a neglected one, we wish there was some magic spell to transform it into its full potential.

There is something about picturing the sun entering through the windows in the morning and smelling a delicious cup of coffee that makes us feel at peace and inspired.

We’re confident a new kitchen will fill your house’s heart with endless possibilities.

However, you can’t let passions go above reason; there are a couple of things you need to consider before investing your savings in your remodeling project.

How much can you spend?

It depends on many things, especially on the available space and materials you want. So we’ll make it less stressful by guiding you through five things to keep in mind before tearing down your walls.


Work with a professional to remodel your kitchen

Starting this project will require a professional designer to have a positive result. Of course, you might skip this process if you intend to repaint your cabinet doors, but an expert’s assistance is needed if you’re considering revamping your kitchen.

Kitchen designers notice minor details. For example, let’s say you’ve bought a new refrigerator and thought an island would look great in the center of your kitchen, but surprise! The cabinets are bigger than expected, and now you’ll have to set your refrigerator near the house entrance. A bit exaggerated example, but the point is that you’ll save headaches when working with a professional.

Kitchen designers create blueprints; they source and oversee operations of independent contractors such as cabinet makers and plumbers. They will always justify why an element was placed in a particular area keeping your ideas and layout present. Here’s a list of some additional skills:

  • Creativity
  • Technical and administrative skills
  • Interpret architectural plans
  • Excellent communication
  • Project management
  • Understand how to work with light


Design for functionality, storage, and an island (if there is room)

It’s essential to think of functionality before beauty. Yes, you want a dream kitchen that takes your breath away but a kitchen that allows you to work faster, improves safety, find things quicker, store items, etc., is far more critical.

Traditional kitchens may have some cabinets that allow you to store appliances, utensils, and other items. However, the question in every designer’s mind is to figure out how to increase storage.

  • Is there enough space for an island? Islands are an incredible addition for space’s sake but sometimes electrical, and plumbing aspects must change for them to be functional.
  • Can more cabinets be installed in the upper or lower sections? Adding extra cabinets for storage can be counterproductive; sometimes, cabinet spaces can hold decorations.
  • Can a magic corner be added? This is an intelligent way to utilize space with pullout shelves on tracks. You can use it to place large pots and pans, small appliances, and other bulky items.


Update Plumbing & Electric to Code

Electrical Circuits

They must be planned out every time and are paramount in your project, here’s why:

  • You need a minimum of seven circuits in the kitchen: one per appliance with a motor.
  • The electric range (240-volt circuit) and the refrigerator will need their own.
  • The microwave and the garbage disposal may be on the same circuit, but it’s best to use two.
  • The dishwasher needs one and an extra two for small appliances.
Plumbing Codes

Avoid the release of toxic fumes and focus on venting when working on your plumbing. Here are some principal codes you should check:

  • Determine the correct pipe sizes for drains, vents, and supply lines
  • Use rigid copper pipe for supply lines and PVC for drain lines
  • If needed, replace the shutoff globe valve with a full-bore ball to impede the flow of water
  • The plumbing installation mustn’t weaken your house structure
  • Install cleanouts at various points in case of a clog


Budget, goal, and timeline to remodel your kitchen

First, think of your goal. You can achieve so much, but knowing why you want to revamp your kitchen is essential.

  • Are you looking to increase aesthetics?
  • Do you want to increase space?
  • Do you want to have more storage?
  • Do you want to repaint?
  • Or all of the above?

Remember that we said at the beginning of this blog post to think of functionality before beauty? It’s ok if you want to focus on your kitchen’s aesthetic aspect; however, keep in mind your final goal.

Ok! Next, we could spend a lot of time talking about budgeting, but we want to keep this simple for you. There’s no reason to panic, especially if you’re already working with a professional designer; you’ll manage to have a clear idea of how much money you need to have for the project and emergencies.

The average cost of a kitchen remodel is $80,000, but this could vary depending on what you want to achieve. The road will be much more straightforward if you set a budget and stick to it!

Understand the cost break down and prioritize:

  • Cabinets will take 35% of the cost
  • Labor 20%
  • Appliances 20%
  • Windows 10%
  • Fixtures 5%
  • Fittings 3%

Consider 20% extra for emergencies and the cost of eating out. You must respect your budget by avoiding additional costs and having everything in an excel spreadsheet.

Finally, talk with your designer to set a timeline for your project. This step is crucial since you’ll need to understand how long you’ll be without a kitchen and how much time you’ll need to supervise the project and your budget.

Having a realistic timeline will allow you to plan and prepare any other detail you believe is necessary, like working from home for a few days or thinking of how you can get involved in the project to save money.


Remember to take flooring and lighting into account

Durability is what you should aim for when installing a floor for your kitchen. Accidents will happen; make sure to have chosen a suitable material that’s highly resistant. Let’s look at some possible options you could aim for:


It’s a luxurious option for people because they’re durable, warm, stylish, and water resistant, everything you want and need from a kitchen floor. There’s one catch, though. Ensure you clean every spill as soon as possible because long-term exposure to moisture will damage the floor.


These floors have the same characteristics as hardwood and are a less-expensive option for families. Still, you might want to avoid exposing it to liquids; it’s always to clean as soon as possible.


Tile choice is the most popular option for kitchen flooring because if it’s grouted and sealed correctly, it can last a lifetime! This would be the best option if you feel that spilling often happens at your house.

And finally, don’t forget about lighting!

Your kitchen’s illumination is essential not only to increase safety or make it visually appealing, but it’s also the secret to working faster.

Depending on your kitchen goals, your designer could suggest a bigger window to allow natural light to come in during the day. Suppose there are no windows around the area. In that case, your designer will probably suggest adding light to various locations to help you with visibility and highlighting a focus point like:

  • Lighting kitchen islands
  • Lighting cabinetry
  • Lighting kitchens with low ceilings
  • Lighting galley kitchens
  • And more!

With a top Davis Kitchens professional, you’ll deeply understand every minor detail to help you achieve a durable and beautiful dream kitchen.

If you found this article helpful, please share and leave a comment, this is very valuable for us, and we want to know if you need further help with your project.

We’ll write to you soon.

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