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Inspiration: Gray Kitchens

Are you thinking about painting your kitchen gray? Few colors are as timeless and versatile as gray. Gray has been a trending shade for years and has yet to fade into the past, and for good reason! Gray provides a whole range of shades, depth, and character that black and white simply can't offer. This [...]

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Inspiration: We’ve Got a Handle on Handles

Kitchen hardware can make or break any style, and at Davis Kitchens, we know that even the details matter! Different styles of handles can bring a splash of color, a dose of vintage charm, or a modern flair. Whether you're trying to fit the mold or find your own path, Davis Kitchens, has variety of [...]

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Inspiration: Beach House Design

It's no small task to design a chic and functional coastal home - but it's worth it! There are a lot of options when it comes to creating your own beach house look. What's your style? Do you lean toward nautical blues or summery pale yellows? There are seashell accents, driftwood decorations, and white-washed kitchens. [...]

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Inspiration: Hardwood Floors for Every Home

There's nothing more timeless than a hardwood floor, and there are a lot of styles to consider. From whitewashed to dark stain, a natural texture or a smooth finish, there's a lot to be inspired by. You'll be "floored" by these design options! Take a look at our Houzz ideabook here.

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Inspiration: Keep an Open Mind About Open Floor Plans

Thinking about tearing down some walls? Open-concept floor plans offer a blank canvas to let your design inspiration loose. The absence of separate spaces means that your decor needs to be fairly consistent throughout the space, but the end result is stunning. Take a look at our Houzz ideabook here.

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Inspiration: Treat Yourself, Treat Your Windows

A shift in perspective might be as simple as switching up your window treatments. A seemingly small part of the design process, being strategic with curtains can enlarge a space, brighten colors, amplify natural light, or make a space more cozy. What can you do with window treatments? Take a look at our Houzz ideabooks [...]

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