6 05, 2019

Inspiration: Red Kitchen Designs

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Forget painting the town red - what about painting your kitchen? The color red is well-known for its warmth, energy, and appetite-inducing qualities, and the color accentuates everything from modern to classic kitchen designs. Give it a try! Take a look at our Houzz ideabook here!

22 04, 2019

Inspiration: Breakfast Nooks Are Perfect for Books

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Whether you're looking for a quiet space for your morning routine, or a welcoming corner for your family to gather, breakfast nooks can fit the bill! Find your ideal nook for starting your day off the right way. Take a look at our Houzz ideabook here!

16 04, 2019

Inspiration: Bring Your Kitchen Outdoors

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Any outdoor enthusiast will tell you that there's nothing like food prepared in the outdoors. There are endless options for making an outdoor kitchen space all your own. Are you a grill-master, gourmet pizza chef, or a fan of lounging in the shade? Think about a touch of elegant stonework, a rustic wood feel, or [...]

1 04, 2019

Inspiration: Gray Kitchens

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Are you thinking about painting your kitchen gray? Few colors are as timeless and versatile as gray. Gray has been a trending shade for years and has yet to fade into the past, and for good reason! Gray provides a whole range of shades, depth, and character that black and white simply can't offer. This [...]