Top Trends in Kitchen Design

September 15, 2022

Many families invest hours on hours when it comes to designing their kitchen because they’re interested in making it the signature of their home. A place that feels inviting incentivizes meaningful gatherings and, of course, delicious cooking.

Let’s delve into some trending kitchen designs that will enhance your kitchen with modern and innovative elements. Below you’ll find inspiration and continue to explore new possibilities to bring your dream kitchen to life.

Old World Classic Kitchen Design

Are you ready to bring the ultimate European Charm? This style is about to transport you to another point in time. Add a matching black hood with rivet detailing hanging overhead, whitewashed brick walls, and rustic exposed beams, and you’re in for a timeless kitchen design. It also presents classic architectural elements and vibrant colors to produce a family environment. You can admire thick wooden beams exposed from high ceilings and incorporate shades of ambers, reds, and blues. It’s a style that resembles Greek, Roman, and Old English elements on a grand scale.

Beachy Aqua Kitchen Design

You can’t feel more fresh and relaxed with this soothing kitchen design. One of the most remarkable features is the extended island to ensure that large families can gather around and have enough room to eat together. The second element is the aqua colors, adding a coastal space feeling and timeless appeal. Next is the backsplash with possible Porcelanosa Retro Bianco tiles that gives a sense of serenity by the sea.

All in Herringbone Kitchen Design

Herringbone provides a variety of patterns that give a sense of warmth and a welcoming feeling. This style is considered bold and distinctive, it was first used as a weaving pattern, but today can be a visual focus in terms of size, color, and contrast. You can create a stellar kitchen design with about any material, whether it’s tiles, bricks, or wood.

Many designers agree that the Herringbone pattern resembles fish bones typically created with ceramic, stone, or porcelain rectangular-shaped tiles.

Uber Moody Kitchen Design

Keep your space bright with a bold black kitchen, paint walls crisp white, and rely on natural light. It may give a contemporary style and boost sophistication. You could add Corian worktops to provide a contrast to some matt black Fenix doors, which are both gorgeous, durable, and easy to repair. You could boost the drama into this style with careful and planned lighting details. Exaggerate the brightness of white walls and add a beautiful glow with LED strip lights.

Luxe Marble Kitchen Design

Marble kitchen surfaces are so hot right now!

This stone gives a high sense of sophistication; its luxury associations elevate basic kitchen units. Splashbacks, worktops, and floors are perfect surfaces for this style. Polish marble will give a luxurious look without being sealed. A luxe marble kitchen improves your kitchen character and aliveness.

Two-Toned Kitchen Design

The term “two-toned” means that a kitchen space combines two different cabinetry colors or where the island is a different color than the cabinets. Many people want to explore this style due to its increasing popularity. “Two-toned” could also refer to a kitchen with half of the cabinets painted differently than the rest. Some prefer to mix materials, like wood and painted cabinets.

If done correctly, you’ll improve your aesthetic appeal, increase resale value, and make a small kitchen feel larger.

The top kitchen designs are now in your hands, but a word to the wise, discuss them with your designer and allow them to see what works best for your home.

You have an excellent opportunity to keep pushing your ideas further and explore the endless possibilities in the world of kitchen designs. Remember that Davis Kitchens is always here to help you in any way possible – Southern Arizona’s leading provider in cabinetry design.

Let us help you achieve a first-class kitchen!
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